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The gaming world is a competitive and even hateful one, but it has also found a community of users that know how to deal with errors in the product and is able to formulate constructive criticism and take any opportunity that pops up during a game with a pinch of salt and a lot of humour. As a matter of fact, these mistakes have brought life to the gameplay channels that arrived years ago to stay. This makes it convenient to present every type of error that players can find during their games, being bugs the top-notch.

In general terms, bugs refer to an error in a computer’s software or programming that doesn’t break off the use of the app but instead triggers unexpected or unwanted results. When talking about videogames, bugs affect their playability in a way that the existence of one of these bugs can be decisive in the resolving of the game due to unexpected issues such as the main character showing up suddenly in a different location, the ball ending inside of the goal passing through the lateral net or the impossibility of reporting a death in Among Us.

The term lag also found its place inside gaming slang referring to an excessive delay when sending data from one point to another, which sometimes has been mistaken with the software errors just mentioned. With this definition its that lags show up in videogames when, after carrying out an action from the controlling device, this order takes too much time to be executed on screen.

The third concept pointing at similar terms is the glitch, another type of error that doesn’t necessarily affect the progress of the game, at least from a more superficial point of view.

Out of these three concepts, the bug is the most irreparable one together with the glitch, but the first one would be the most important due to its decisive effects during the game, something that usually happens “naturally” but on some occasions it comes as the responsibility of a cheater that purposefully alters the code to play with some form of advantage, which is known as ‘to bug’. As an interesting fact, the famous Spanish youtuber Willyrex popularized the sentence “use the bug” when he managed to use one of these errors in his favour in a Minecraft gameplay. Although the use of this sentence has been changing and it’s now also used when it’s the opposite player the one that makes a mistake.

To try and fix these errors there are apps known as debugger but only when it comes to computing bugs. When talking about videogames the matter is much more complex: once a game is released and people start purchasing it players can’t alter the codes. Precisely because of this factor the responsibility of videogame developers is maximum and, in this article written by Alex Wiltshire for, you can dive deeper into those who always stay behind screens and how they cope with reactions to their errors and ways to fix them.

From the perspective of developers it’s imperative to discover that their ethical code has been scrutinised and questioned by companies and their own professionals in the field, even opening discussions in different forums. Despite players usually opting for a benevolent point of view, there are always people who believe that sometimes these bugs are introduced in an intentional way.

Despite this, being these mistakes decisive or not in the game, bugs and glitches have left numerous funny moments between players. There are countless compilations that prove that videogames aren’t perfect and that mistakes can be taken with a sense of humour leaving hate behind. It couldn’t go in a different direction when a character passes through another one like a ghost or they suddenly start running in a weird way.

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