Qatar World Cup approaches surrounded by controversy

2022 is going to completely paralyze the world of sports with the World Cup to be held in Qatar. This year it will be somewhat different as it will not be held in summer, as usual, but will be played between November and December. The reason for the change of date is since the venue of the event is Qatar, and the temperatures in the country in summer are so high that sporting events cannot be held there. This has been one of the causes that has generated controversy, but it has not been the only one.

In addition to the debate caused by the dates, conflict was also generated when FIFA announced the venue in 2010 because Qatar had never qualified for a World Cup. There was speculation about bribes to committee members, but after an investigation the case was dismissed. Another controversy arose with stadium workers. For several months there were several news reports announcing the death of several workers due to the long hours they were made to work. For this reason, several federations have complained, such as the Norwegian federation, which during the qualifying matches wore T-shirts with the slogan «Human rights on and off the pitch». The Danish federation announced that they would wear T-shirts with human rights messages during the World Cup.

It should also be noted that Qatar is a country where women’s rights, as well as those of the LGTBI collective, are quite backward. This has also created a dispute as there will be many fans who will consider whether to go to cheer for their national team in a country where they may not be entirely welcome.

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With just months to go until the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, thousands of fans are waiting to watch their national teams in one of the most controversial World Cups of the new soccer.

Unlike other World Cups, this one incorporates new technological features that will enhance the fan experience in all areas. The World Cup will be held in November and December, as Qatar’s climate prevents it from being held earlier due to high temperatures.

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Technology as the basis for the new soccer

As a result of the pandemic suffered throughout the year 2020 that deprived thousands of fans to go to the stadiums, La Liga began to implement new technologies to achieve a greater audiovisual experience. Within the audiovisual structuring that La Liga has developed, the use of the most developed technology, artificial intelligence and the machine learning method are the three pillars on which its project is based.

One of the great novelties is the incorporation of the Inferno computer, which provides data and statistics unimaginable until now. At the same time, it is the great feared by the pirate content distribution pages, since, since its beginnings, it managed to knock down the pirate platform Rojadirecta. This computer analyzes images of matches and makes models to see on which accounts La Liga matches are being broadcasted. Another feature is that it detects who is the owner of the website, in order to take them down judicially.

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