Robots and machines are becoming more common at training process

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Technology has been reaching sports. New applications and gadgets are becoming very useful  in all of the different disciplines. When we talk about technology in sports, the first thing that comes to mind is the well-known VAR or the sensors in soccer balls. But it goes far beyond these kind of applications.

Companies are investing in improve players technique, also making easier the work of coaches. For this reason, the budged invested in creating new machines to improve specific factors of the game is increasing. Normally, is dedicated for equipment for the most important sports, such as soccer and basketball, but those are not the only ones.

Ball launching machines to train goalkeepers

The company Live Penalty developed a machine capable of throwing balls at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. It is battery-operated and the balls are placed on a moving belt. The power, direction and curve of the ball can be modified. It is used to train the goalkeepers’ reflexes and quick reactions. This machine has been used mainly in England and Germany, but the goal is to reach further countries.

Another of the most widely used machines in the game is the Ball Launcher Trainer. This device is quite well known and is used by clubs such as Manchester City, Arsenal, or Chelsea. With this device, balls can be launched with great precision. This helps players to perfect their ball reception. One of the advantages of this type of machine is that it is suitable for balls of all sizes, so it can be used by players of all categories, from children’s teams to professional teams. In this case, the aim is to improve ball reception, but it can also be used for goalkeepers.

In basketball, it is the use of shooting machines that stands out. These devices are placed under the basket and take the rebound to pass it back to the player. As in the rest of the machines of this type, both the power and the direction of the ball can be modified. It is habitual to see these devices on the training fields of professional teams, but also in basketball courts specialized in improving shooting. In Spain it is still uncommon to find these machines, however, in the United States it is easy to find them even in high school basketball teams facilities.

Tennis "ball launchers", the most popular ones

Undoubtedly the best-known machines are the tennis machines. They have been used for many years in clubs and tennis courts all over the world. They have evolved over the years, and today they have many programming possibilities. They are not only used for tennis, but for all racket sports, including paddle tennis, which in recent years has been gaining popularity, since more people are taking it up. You can decide the power, direction and effect the ball takes, such as have more space to throw more balls. Although the price of these machines has always been high, it has been cut down over the past few years. Also, in baseball these machines are quite common and are widely used by teams and clubs.

But technology has its advantages, as well as its counterpart. The bright side of this type of machines is that they help to train by repetition, since they force to constantly work the same movement. This leads to an improvement in individual technique. Thus, it helps to many players and athletes’ improvement, facilitates the work of coaches and physical trainers, and offers more resources to clubs. On the other hand, the downside is that they are often very expensive and not all clubs and teams can afford them. In addition, many of these machines take up a large amount of space and are difficult to store.

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