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When we meet to play a football game on the neighborhood, each one of us showed up with a T-shirt of a different color and there were confusions in the friendly game. Although it may not seem like it, in the professional field, events like this also occur.

There are uncountable last minute changes because the kits were not the right ones to the correct development of the game or even so the spectators could not difference one team from another. However, Spanish football has found a technological solution for this.

Kit Selector, the definitive application

Since 2014, this question was solved in the technical meeting that the delegates of both teams and the referee had minutes before the match began. However, these short times did not leave so much time allowed if a problem appeared. It could cause awkward situations between the clubs. For example, unusual things could happen such as a team having to use the second pants of their opponent to play the match. Due to this, La Liga opted for a simple and innovative remedy that would allow them to reach a common point. This method is known as Kit Selector app started.

App use and procedure

The clubs must complete various forms to send the information of the kits. Photos of them with the corresponding colors to be used are requested. In addition to this, it is also necessary to indicate where the manufacturer’s logo is, the shield, what size it will be, where it will be placed… As you can see, it is a very complete information, and this is done for each part (jersey, pants and stockings). Once they have been approved, they are enabled for assignment in matches. A 3D model is generated to simulate a 360º rotation, so the kits can be seen easily.

When the match day arrives, the club delegate makes a proposal and selects how he wants to dress his team. From there, a preview is generated so that the two teams can see the result and, if it were precise, they discuss their preferences and negotiate until they reach an agreement, following priority criteria.

Once this phase is passed, they continue to the next approval flow. We have two parts: La Liga audiovisual advisor and the Technical Committee of Referees. They have to reach an agreement. The job of the audiovisual technician is to check the process and give his approval considering various aspects. The objectives are to achieve a correct audiovisual perception and check that the kits have an adequate contrast and are correctly differentiated on television. This last note has been created because of the approval of the Regulations for the Television Retransmission of La Liga.

Both clubs and referees can enter Kit Selector and view the kits, so access is guaranteed in a simple way.

The kit men have it now easier

They are in charge of making everything is ready before, during and after the game. They can’t make a mistake. One of those aspects are the kits. Luckily, thanks to La Liga’s innovations, tasks like this have been simplified in recent years. Paco Montero, kit man for CD Leganés from 1982 to 2007, stated in an interview with Radio Marca that in the past they had to travel with nine shirts for each player. All that has changed and now they know in advance what clothing the players will wear in the match thanks to Kit Selector, which is available to La Liga Santander and La Liga SmartBank clubs. Before this tool existed, this was not decided until the day of the game, «You could even stay without playing,» confirms Montero, who was part of the Leganés coaching staff for more than 20 years.

The ball, also the protagonist in Kit Selector

Kits are not the only items that are determined in this app. The ball is the most important thing to play football and it also has its place in this app. Puma launched two versions of the official La Liga ball with two different colors: white (named Accelerate) and yellow (Adrenalina). On the contrary to popular belief, these ball models are used according to the match and not the weather or the time of year in which the match is played.

Adrenalina, the second official ball of the 2021-22 season, is used in El Clásico and the derbies in Barcelona, ​​the Basque Country, the Community of Madrid, Andalusia and the Valencian Community in La Liga Santander. In La Liga SmartBank, it is also the ball for promotion Play-Offs and regional derbies (Basque, Madrid, Andalusian, Castilian-Leonese and the Canary Islands). In addition, in both competitions the last four days of each round will be played with that ball.

Apart from all the uses mentioned, it is also worth noting that Kit Selector can work as a data file, saving the history report. In this way, statistical references can be generated about the number of times that some clothing has been used, the name of sponsors and their business activity, manufacturers’ brands or the times that the teams have been played with a certain ball.

Who are the pioneers of this app?

The La Liga Competitions area defines Kit Selector as a pioneering tool. Before its creation, nothing similar existed at a national or European level. The impact is big, so several football leagues have been interested in it, as well as other sports. After six seasons since its inception, the application is still trying to improve its features, being simple and practical at the same time. It currently has around 150 users per season between clubs, La Liga, Referee Committees and the referees themselves.

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