Fitness apps for complete your workouts at one click

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There are many of these fitness apps that go a step further and treat various aspects such as exercise, diet and workout planning. The app will tell you what to do, but the intensity and work is up to the user.

Can we get fit from home?

It´s always a good time to get fit and there are many useful apps to help you. Home exercise, diet and nutrition apps can be found in the app store, but you may be looking for a more complete solution. Since the pandemic issue, there are more and more users of these apps, as well as more and more apps with different options to choose from.

One app to consider is 8fit. It combines training and nutrition plans in one app. The workout plans are created by professional trainers and the meals shcedule are adapted to your needs. More than 350 exercises and 400 healthy recipes await you in this app, which has the advantage that the plan adapts from beginners to real fitness experts. You can try 8fit for free, but to get the most out of it, it is advisable to use in-app purchases.

Another option focused on women is Sweat, designed by Kayla Instruments and other well-known trainers. HIIT sweat workouts, circuits, weight training, strength training, yoga, barre, Pilates, recovery, cardio. Everything in one app.

Celebrities that develop apps like these

These people often take advantage of their physique and image to create fitness applications. For example, Centr is a fitness app designed by Chris Hemsworth and his team, which not only provides a list of repetitive exercises. When you sign up, you must enter your personal information and preferences to create a workout, diet and meditation plan. The application proposes a workout of about 30 minutes, showing which muscles to work in each exercise, and taking into account whether the diet is omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan. You can try it for free for a week, but after that you have to pay for the subscription.

With over 10 million downloads, Freeletics is one of the most remarkable fitness apps.  It includes not only fitness exercises, nutrition and exercises to boost a strong and balanced mindset. Freeletics uses an artificial intelligence trainer to fit your workout suggestions to your tastes and feedback, with the advantage that you can easily select your desired intensity level during registration. It gives you free access to dozens of workouts, but you must pay to unlock all content and features.

Specific apps for specific sports

Downdog is one of the biggest names in yoga apps. This app has exercises for yoga, HIIT, meditation, barre and  prenatal yoga and differs from other similar yoga apps that require repeating the same exercise continuously. Downdog includes Vinyasa, Grouper, Gentle Yoga, Restoration Yoga, Yin, Ashtanga, Chair Yoga, from beginners to
advanced users. There are thousands of different configurations. There is a slightly simpler, but very useful app for high intensity HIT workouts. Tabata Timer, as the name implies, is a training timer that combines high intensity interval exercise with a short complete rest. Tabata Timer acts as a watch to keep track of workouts, with the ability to customize the time interval and the name of each exercise, as well as voice assistant support and a number that lets you know when each interval ends. In addition, it gives the possibility to choose the sound you want for each moment. Another of the functions that this application has is that you can listen to your music while you use it.

However, it should be noted that mobile applications are not a substitute for professional training. Human factors are very important for your body to achieve its goals, and also not to suffer. However, this type of program is so useful that once you have a clear idea of your workout, you can calculate your progress, count exercise intervals and memorize your routines. In addition, another advantage of this type of applications is that they allow you to train at the time you want, adapting your work schedule to exercise. Another advantage of this type of applications is that they have a lower price than a gym membership, being some of them even free.

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