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As fans of the sports that we are, we have often seen a record in some competition, either to reach a huge number of goals or to win a race in the shortest possible time. But within these challenges that we are used to see and that appear in the news there are outdated marks that have caught our attention, either because we do not know the data or because they are so rare that they may not be beaten again in a long time.

In LabHipermedia we also like challenges, although we leave the entry into the book Guinness of Records to the true protagonists of the sport. The last thing we set out to do was to create a virtual reality tool that will improve the training of the assistant referees, and that we believe we have fulfilled beyond expectatives with the launch of VAR3D, which you can order in this link.

However, focusing on the topic that truly concerns us, we bring you five impressive records in the history of sport that await to be broken.

The fastest goal in the world - Football

The Guinness Book of Records reflects that the fastest goal in the world was scored in 2.08 seconds. This event took place on December 26, 1998, in a match between the local teams of Río Negro and Soriano Interior, provinces of Uruguay. Player Ricardo Olivera, also known as Chispero, overtook Río Negro as soon as the match began. The player says that goal changed his life: «It was really a dream because I knew that one day it could be scored», he said.

That goal of the Uruguayan Olivera was not by chance. Although luck play its part, Mario Luizzi, the technical director of the Río Negro Capital national team, had taken the play to training. Chispero had practised this play until he decided to try his luck in this match, thus getting the fastest goal mark.

More penalties in a match of LaLiga - Football

On May 19, 1996, during the second-to-last LaLiga match, Real Oviedo, already saved, faced Valladolid, which was trying to avoid the relegation. José Japón Sevilla was in charge of refereeing the match, in which he whistled up to six penalties. Supporters of both teams ended up twinned by chanting «another, another!» on each penalty shot. The match left a 3-8, a game filled in with eleven goals and six penalties in which two were for Oviedo and four for Valladolid, in addition to two expulsions. With the increase in the number of penalties taken in recent times because of the use of the VAR, this match makes us wonder: What would have happened today in that same game with the aforementioned tool?».

This fact marked the career as referee of José Japón Sevilla during his five seasons in the Spanish First Division: «When leaving, people shouted at me, but to sign autographs», the Andalusian said in an interview years after the decisive match of his career.

100 points in a game - Basketball

On March 2, 1962, in the city of Hershey, Wilt Chamberlain would make history in the NBA becoming the first player to score 100 points in a single game. It was in the victory of the home team, his Philadelphia Warriors, against the New York Knicks by 169-147.

As was the case in the past, there was no live TV, there was no recording of the match, and there were just over 4,000 people in the stands and not a single journalist from The Big Apple. A famous photo of Chamberlain with a paper on which is written the number 100, snapshot taken by AP photographer Paul Vathis, is the main proof of the day The Big Dipper achieved the record. Until know, the player closest to surpass Chamberlain’s 100-point mark in a match was the ill-fated Kobe Bryant, who scored 81 in the Los Angeles Lakers 122-104 win over the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006.

Fastest serve in history - Tennis

Australian Samuel Groth set the record for the fastest serve with a direct serve at 263 kilometres per hour during the Challenger tournament in Busan, South Korea. His mark has been made official by ATP.

The serve was recorded during the second-round match against Belarusian Uladzimir Ignatik, whom he defeated. Groth’s service surpassed the record held by Croatian Ivo Karlovic, whose mark was 251 km per hour. Although the ATP is not used to officially recognising speed serve records due to the different margins of error in radar guns, the association confirmed that the tournament was using the approved equipment and therefore the data is approved.

The Comeback - Fútbol americano

One of the biggest comebacks in football, in a game where the lead on the scoreboard was very big and looked all lost, but not for the Bills. This occurred in the 1992 AFC Playoffs. The Bills, in Wild Card Game, faced the Houston Oliers. They did it, for more signs, without their starting quarterback, Jim Kelly, who suffered an injury during the final game of the regular season. Instead, Frank Reich took his place and did one of the best performances of his career.

At halftime, the team lost 35-3 and some fans were about to leave the stadium, but Frank Reich did not give up and led the comeback for the Bills, who won 41-38 in overtime. The game received the name «The Comeback» and remained forever in the NFL record books. The Bills demonstrated in this match that time is not an obstacle to victory: to turn the score around does not depend on running out of minutes, but on the game and the attitude of the team.

Every sportsman dreams of beating some records and entering the history of the sport, as these five records have done. Although some seem difficult to overcome and others are rare to see, in the world of sport everything is possible and surely we will continue to see how athletes or our favorite team enter history by overcoming results or marks.

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