FOOTBALL HISTORY (1): Football precursors and its first rules

Can you imagine football without offsides, at least just as we know them today? Or without referees enforcing the laws over the field of play? And if we tell you that long time ago penalties did not exist?

Probably a lot of people, especially the youngest, will not comprehend football getting rid of aspects like the aforementioned. However, the complexity that has achieve nowadays has come thanks to an evolution that, although has been accelerated during the last years, goes back to past centuries.

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VAR: how does it function and in what circumstances can be used?

Notable changes have happened over the years in every sport, although football has experienced some of the biggest revolutions, maybe because of the relevance it currently has. This development has come to football not only in terms of changing the facilities of the teams, but also in the way it is practised and understood.

As we mentioned in our latest post, this development has been parallel to the technological innovation, which in many cases has been used in order to improve sport and the way we see it. Good examples of this idea are tools like ‘hawk-eye’, high definition cameras or the intercommunication equipment used by the referees to communicate between them. However, one of these innovations has taken up the current affairs of the newspapers in the recent years: Video Assistant Referee, better known as VAR.

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From Thermography to VAR: Technology applied to sport

In the recent years, technological advances are making its way in sports world. However, it should be asked in what measurement that advances are simply used at the service of the television spectacle or, otherwise, if its use in order to improve sport in essence is fully extended, with implementations and objectives obviously differents depending on the sport they are introduced.

This kind of technology has been turned into a fundamental pillar in sports industry, being pioneer in its use in many ways until reaching a point at which nowadays it’s really hard to think some sports without the presence of this tools.

Therefore, we bring you a summary of some of these technologies that have managed to improve the world of sports formation and performance.

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    Movies that every football fan should watch

    Football can’t be defined as a simple sport. Its global reach has meant that it has transcended this original concept to become part of what is usually defined as mass culture. And, as an integral part of this concept, its tentacles have been extended to other media such as literature, music or, in the case we are dealing now, cinema.

    However, long before it reached the dimension it has today, this sport was already serving as an inspiration for filmmakers. In fact, the first Spanish sound film in history is considered to be “Football, love and bulls”, directed by Florian Rey and released on 07 January 1930.

    That year, Athletic de Bilbao would win the Spanish First Division, in which only 10 teams were playing and which had formerly illustrious teams such as Real Union Club de Irun, Arenas Club de Guecho or C.D. Europa. However, the plot of the film is triggered when the fictitious goalkeeper of Triana FC fails miserably in a match against Real Madrid, which leads him to prove himself (unsuccessfully) in bullfighting with the intention of conquering his beloved and her father, who does not accept a footballer as his son-in-law.

    The film, of which no copies have been preserved, shows that the vision of the world of football has changed a lot since then, and cinema is no exception when it comes to reflecting this new reality. That’s why we wanted to make a selection of films about football, all of them released in the 21st century, which every football lover should see. 

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    Do you want to accompany us in this new adventure?

    Andres Montes, one of the greatest sports broadcasters in Spain, told in one of his most emblematic sentences that “life could be wonderful”. However, the relevant part wasn´t what he said or how he did it, but when: after a precise pass, a goal in the upper corner, a three-point buzzer beater shot…

    In Labhipermedia we are sure that when Montes put the word “life” in that phrase, he was really thinking around what his life was based on. Because sport world could be, and we venture to confirm it, wonderful. So simple (at the end, everything could be summed up in two rivals fighting to win a match) and so complex (without a tactical, technical and mental work, among other things, that opponents will hardly reach his goal) as life is.

    Nevertheless, in Labhipermedia we haven´t want to stay on the surface. That aforementioned complexity brings us to investigate in the use of technology as a driving force to improve the learning experience. That´s exactly why the main products of this company have always been aimed at sports management and formation: Azor, our multisignal wireless capture and video analysis; CloudLab, e-learning platform, and Mulppy, display system for multimedia presentations.

    This blog has been created in order to complete them. In its posts, we will analyse that aspects that inspire and motivate the creation of the company 17 years ago. Here you will find in-depth articles focused on content that could interest to every sector that support sport just like we conceive it: players, coaches, referees… And that´s not all: among other things, we will also remember past curiosities that help to understand the current affairs and we will recommend reads and films for sports fans

    Do you want to accompany us in this new adventure?