The best videogames to exercise with your console

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In most cases, playing videogames is not a physical activity that helps to keep fit. However, some companies have taken advantage of different platforms and consoles to create sports video games. Unlike regular gym activities, these training video games combine fun themes to help you improve in an enjoyable way, not a tedious repetition. Some of these games require the use of peripheral elements, such as virtual reality goggles, Kinect and Ring Fit, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, but in many of them you can also use just your console to work out.

Games for consoles

After the huge success of Wii Fit years ago, Nintendo’s latest fitness game is a real blockbuster. Due to its success, it is hard to find in any store. With the help of a flexible Ring controller and leg straps, you’ll squat, stretch and bend during workouts in disguise. It’s perfectly designed to help you get in shape while monitoring your progress and cheering you on.

Another staple is the active gaming scene is the Just Dance series, available on Switch, Xbox One and PS4. It’s a full-body rhythm action game that challenges you to dance to a soundtrack full of popular tunes by matching your moves to on-screen instructions. It’s colorful and fun, and while it doesn’t require much effort, if you play gigs and make sure to keep your session on track, it can be a great way to stay active without feeling like you’re working out quickly.

Another great game for Switch, Fitness Boxing takes full advantage of the Joy-Con controllers so you can take virtual boxing classes and work out It’s more explicitly fitness-related than some of the others on this list, providing a different tone with more potential intensity to ensure that even if you’re fit enough, it still provides a solid workout. It may not have the polish of more traditional efforts, but it’s still a great option.

Moving on to the virtual reality world, Beat Saber is a very fun virtual reality game that gets tired when you speed up. This is another rhythm game where you cut in the direction the controller tells you to go. However, the higher the frequency of tapping a song, the more obstacles you will have to overcome and as the difficulty increases, you will surely be able to sweat the right amount.

Apps for your phone

In addition to videogames, there are Android apps that are also available for iOS devices with which you can get fit while having fun. One of the most famous is Fitness RPG. This is an interesting title available on both Android and iOS that offers turn-based combat, a variety of heroes, matches against other players and an interesting single-player story mode. It even has an energy system to limit its use, although that limit can be overcome by walking. Overall, an app that works as a pedometer and offers you the possibility to play while walking. It can even connect with Google Fit or Fitbit.

Walkr is a mix between adventure game and fitness app. A title with which players must go for a walk and counts the steps they take. Steps that are then used to take players through the title’s own universe, which stands out for having 50 different planets, a wide range of missions and that will help to achieve the 10,000 daily steps recommended by health authorities.

Zombies, Run! is a really interesting game for those people who usually go for a walk or run. A title that starts when you begin your exercise and progresses as you go further and further. It stands out for having more than 300 story missions, and in some of them you must run away from a horde of zombies. In others, the level is not completed until you have run far enough.

Zwift is an interesting game designed for those who have exercise bikes at home. A title that allows you to compete against other players, perform more than 1,000 workouts, completely different games, and more options. An application with which to have a good time while you hit the pedal of your exercise bike.

Although videogames can help you improve your fitness, they are never a substitute for the gym or physical activity. It is much better to do sports outdoors, and if it can be with an instructor or trainer who knows about it, it will be ideal. It is true that because of the pandemic there have been many changes in sports centers and gyms, and some people have opted to exercise at home in order not to lose their physical shape completely, but it is more advisable to return to the gyms and use this type of games to keep in better shape, but not as a substitute.

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