Evolution of women´s football in Spain

The reality of women’s football in Spain contrasts with the scenario of two decades ago, when third place in the 1997 European Championship barely appeared in the newspapers; nothing compared to the front pages and headlines that accompany all the successes of national teams, as well as the subcategories or the great milestones of the national leagues.

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The semi-automatic offside

Nowadays, sports are being monitored and supplemented by the latest technology. To evaluate player performance and achieve results, many clubs have used Big Data and other tools. On the other hand, with the purpose of achieving a fairer game, assistance through video has been introduced in the world of refereeing.

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Technology as the basis for the new football

As a result of the pandemic suffered throughout the year 2020 that deprived thousands of fans to go to the stadiums, LaLiga began to implement new technologies to achieve a greater audiovisual experience. Within the audiovisual structuring that La Liga has developed, the use of the most developed technology, artificial intelligence and the machine learning method are the three pillars on which its project is based.

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Is a video game capable of simulating real football?

Every football fan would like to achieve the dream of becoming an elite football player. However, not everyone can despite their best efforts. It used to be much more complicated, but today’s technology and the game´s makers  have reached a level of simulation that allows fans to experience what it feels like to be in the public eye and when your play is vital to winning a major title for your team. 

Videogames and sport: enemies or partners?

Videogames and sport: enemies or partners? – LabHipermedia


While it is true that football is a very complex sport to reflect in a video game, simulation has been a recurring theme in every generation, and has thus been constantly evolving as systems have become more powerful and have allowed representations of the sport and the players to become closer to reality.

As the years went by, the competitiveness grew and so did the experience of the game itself, but the real explosion in innovation was the arrival of the internet in the world of video games, with the possibility of being able to play matches against other players from all over the world, regardless of their place of origin.

Usually, simulators represent the sport realistically and in real time, although there are also video games with alternative representations of football such as penalty games and referee and manager simulators, among others. 

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Instant Replay, the refereeing assistance technology in basketball

Arbitration technology has been establishing itself in the sports world in recent times. The figure of the collegiate has been able to have the help of complementary systems that have allowed them to correct possible mistakes in the performance of their task. Surely, the level of excellence has not been reached when it comes to using this type of assistance -the controversy regarding this issue continues to be constant- but over time its use is being perfected.

We can verify that because in most of the sports that we see they have incorporated such a tool.

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The dark side of streaming

Twitch is nicelly thought and set as broadcasting audiovisual content in a social environment platform. However, an essential element must be added to the equation for making it work, one that always develop itself in a heterogeneous way: the human being. And like any other facet of life, everything that surrounds the human being has both its positive and negative sides.

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